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Bowen Fascial Release Technique



Having completed my human training,I trained with the European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists. I have always had dogs and presently have three working English Springer Spaniels. As a child in the Middle East I would often be found in the midst of a pack of ‘pie’ dogs (wild dogs), much to the horror of my parents.

About Canine Bowen Technique (CBT)

It is a ‘light-touch’ therapy offering dogs a gentle, non-invasive and effective hands-on technique that can promote healing, pain-relief and body/energy rebalancing. Therapy is never forced on the dog, as this would make the dog less receptive to the treatment. The therapist uses subtle movement of fingers and thumbs over muscle, ligament and fascia at specific points on the dog’s body. There is no prolonged pressure or hard manipulation, and no pulling or cracking of joints. It is a soft tissue and muscle release technique. CBT is a very gentle therapy with no contraindications and can be used on all dogs, of all ages and variety of conditions, as long as the dog allows a human touch.

A combined consultation and treatment is normally undertaken in the comfort and security of the dog’s own home. Your dog will normally feel most comfortable in its home. The first session may last an hour or more, this gives your dog time to relax and get to know me and I will find out more about his/her life and how he/she fits in within the household. The actual hands-on part of the session will usually last no more than about 20 minutes. During the session, there are short intervals that allow the dog to absorb the information given. Three sessions, approximately a week apart, are recommended. Many issues will resolve within three treatments but occasionally on-going treatment may be required at longer intervals.

A veterinary referral will be required before CBT can begin. CBT should be seen as complementary to veterinary treatments, not as an alternative.


Conditions that may benefit from Canine Bowen Technique include but are not limited to:

•Mobility problems

•Back and neck injuries

•Joint problems

•Intermittent lameness/gait problems

•Sprains/strains and ligament damage

•Muscle soreness/tightness

•Elbow and hip dysplasia

•Degenerative joint disease

•Arthritis and muscular sprains and strains

•Respiratory problems

•Allergies and skin conditions

•Digestive problems

•Kidney, cystitis and other urinary problems

•Stress, anxiety and nervous disorders

•Aggression and other behavioural problems

•Recurrent ear or eye problems

•Strokes, stroke seizures, epilepsy

•Rescue/rehomed dogs lacking in confidence

•Pre/Post operative surgery (assisting recovery times)

•Improving performance - agility/working/showing

•Maintaining and improving the dog’s quality of life

•Helping the older dog maintain mobility

Treatments & Prices

Initial consultation may last up to an hour - subsequent appointments between 30 - 50 minutes.

£40 per session within the circle

£40 plus 45p per mile beyond the circle

Please note - CBT is not a substitute for veterinary care and that a referral from your vet is necessary.

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