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Kathy Horniblow cert ECBS

01963 204397/ 07971 428281


Based in Wincanton, Somerset

I came to Kathy with an old Rotator Cuff injury that had flared up, after treatment with massage, chiropractor, pain killers etc. She was like a miracle worker! The day of the treatment my shoulder and arm felt a bit weak and the next day the pain had disappeared all together. Kathy was reassuring and friendly throughout. As a PT I would recommend her highly to all my clients and anyone suffering from any muscular pain or injury.

IF - Yeovil



I want to thank you for treating my neck and right shoulder. After many years of chronic pain following a car accident I am now pain free in both these areas. I can't believe that after only a few sessions the pain has completely disappeared and not returned. I have tried many other treatments but nothing has worked. I would not hesitate to recommend you! Thank you, being pain free has changed my life.

SB - Partridge Green



Bowen has been amazing for me as after more than 5 years with Plantar Fasciitis in both feet, Kathy has managed to make it go away. I had tried everything and this is the only treatment that has worked.

FG - Shillingstone

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